We Design Fabric

We classified it on the basis of material, design and by craft.

We Manufacture

With its rapid growth over the last four decades, since 1970

We Export Globally

Fablio is a leading textile service providers globally.

Incorporated Under M.P. Non – Trading Corporations Act, 1962

The Madhya Pradesh Textile Mills Association

This Association was established in 1932 as Indore Mill Owners’ Association by Shri Rao Raja Sir Seth Hukamchand. At the time of its establishment, the Association had seven composite textile mills from Indore as members. Association continue worked as one of oldest association and come in current form after it was registered under the Madhya Pradesh Non-Trading Corporations Act, 1962 on 1st June, 1966 after being renamed as The Madhya Pradesh Textile Mills’ Association w.e.f. 1st January, 1966.

Industries & Production

Fabric Treatment

We do execute stabilization including reweaving & stitch repair details.

Artistic Direction

Assist collection strategies, storage, application and pest production management.

Satin weaving

Continuous weft yarn, with as few interruptions of warp as it possible.

Fabric Dyeing

Transfer dyes from aqueous solution onto the fiber surface & diffusion.

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